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!Please read my ToS IN IT’S ENTIRETY! By contacting me about commissions you have agreed to everything stated in my following ToS.


Terms of Service
1. I have the right to use the Artwork(s) I have created however I see fit.
a. The most I will do with Original Works ( original characters / fan characters ). Will be to repost them onto other Art websites UNLESS the commissioner wishes for the commission to be private.
b. I have the right to sell Fanart if commissioned. 

EX: If you commission me to draw just Mario doing Mario stuff, I have the right to put the print up for sale. If you commission Mario with a Fan Character or Original Character I will not put it up for sale.

2. You are allowed to repost Commissions / Gift Art / Art trades As long as it is the small copy that I have posted up. With the proper credit and not for a profit. DO NOT claim my art as your own.

EX: if you commission me to draw Mario for you, you may not sell that Mario picture for a profit.

3. Do not ask me to draw in different styles. You are commissioning me for my style whether it be colouring style or drawing style.

4. Please use the commission template below when ordering normal commissions. It helps me stay organised.

5. Do not ask for an ETA of your commission. Feel free to ask me for updates on the progression of your commission though.

6. If you wish to order a private Commission; Where you do not want me to post it up anywhere, please let me know in your email.

7. Regarding redraws/revisions. You must ask ahead of time in your Email that you wish to see a WIP or process of your commissions. I offer this because doing this causes me to work slower on your piece. Since I have to wait for your ok. I will push your commission back compared to others. However it is much easier for me to finish a ‘simple’ commission all in one go. Then have to take breaks.
a. I will redraw a complete sketch once. ( Let’s say you don’t like the pose/idea and you want something else in this stage. It is fine but you must say so in the SKETCH PHASE) and 3 minor tweaks before a fee will be sent out for every extra change added. 

8. I have the right to refuse a commission if I do not feel comfortable drawing it.

Extra charges may apply depending on detail of commission.
Payment is to be made UP FRONT and IN FULL. Work does not start until full payment is received.
Paypal only.

I accept tips. It is not required, but is always appreciated.


Things I will draw
-Monster Girls/Boys
-Furries/Anthro Characters (Incl Reptiles, Birds, Insects etc)
-Fandom OCs
-Personal OCs/Avatars
-Fan Art
-My OCs with Yours (NSFW May be an exception, please contact me about this.)
-NSFW art (Contact me about these commissions)

Things I won’t draw
-Realism or Caricatures
-Detailed machinery
-Detailed backgrounds
-Characters based on only written descriptions
(If you can’t draw, you can make me a reference sheet by compiling different images you would like me reference ( ex : Body types, hair styles, colour pallets, outfits etc ) It works so much better than only going off of a written description.)

If you are not sure what I will or will not draw, send me a message and ask.

Commission Template
Commission Type: (Sketch, Logo, Chibi, Bust, Full Body etc)
References: ( Links to VISUAL references of the character(s) you want me to draw. If you don’t have a ref, you can link example pictures of your characters features. I will not draw from a written description.)
Additional Info: (Anything else I need to know.)

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