I am never using disposable pads again!

All of these pads in this review are from the independent Australian pad store, Scarlet Eve but can be used as a reference for cloth pads in general. Includes photos of slight blood stains, but no soiled pads.

Scarlet Eve pad stash!

Like many women, I have issues with disposable pads causing irritation and discomfort during my period every month. Getting tired of the pain on top of the discomfort of my period already, I decided to give reusable pads a try and it was one of the best decisions to do with my pussy that I have ever made.

I found Scarlet Eve after trying out a Halloween themed period pack from another pad and green living store called Obsidian Star. The pack included pads from Scarlet Eve, Noone Wilga and Obsidian Star, plus many other goodies!

Halloween period pack. R.I.P my old Intuos 5 large underneath.

The pad from Scarlet Eve was so comfortable, I had to buy more and try out an entire cycle using only reusable pads and now that I have experienced what that’s like, I’ve decided to go full TMI and share it with anyone interested!

Before I start though, as a point of reference, I used to use Regular/Super Libra brand pads and Regular U Kotex brand winged pads during the day and Libra/U kotex brand nighttime pads during the night.


Absorbency – 10/10

Scarlet Eve’s cloth pads are deceptively absorbent. Where in the first day of my period, I’d use around 5-6 regular pads, I only had to use three cloth pads. Most of the pads absorbent cores are made of two (or more) layers of bamboo fleece, which can take the brunt of my flow and still keep me feeling dry with no leaks!

Always starts somewhere inconvenient.

When my period started for the month, it happened at the most inopportune moment, in the middle of the shops, while I was doing my grocery shopping. Anticipating this, I already had one of SE’s Curvy pads in place. Usually my period starts hard and heavy, so I was worried about leakage but as it would turn out, I had nothing to worry about. The pad took it like a champ.


Nighttime rolled around and I tried out the Uber pad. Waking up the next day, there were no leaks and I didn’t have that awful wet feeling I get when I sit up in the morning.


Comfort – 9/10 

Did you know that pads can be comfortable? Comfortable pads is a whole new concept to

Like this, but in your pants.

me. I have fairly sensitive skin and have issues with eczema so disposable pads usually leave me with a rash. Even if I don’t get a rash, I find the disposable pads very uncomfortable.

Cloth pads don’t give me any of these problems. Not a single rash, minimal discomfort. The pads were like being wrapped in the softest blanket, but only in your underwear. Out of the pads I tried from SE, I found that the minky lined pads were the most comfortable for me, closely followed by the soft cotton lined pads.

The only reason I gave a 9/10 instead of a full 10 is the uber sized pads are a little bit thick, which takes a little bit to get used to.


Quality – 9/10

Each of SE’s pads are hand made by their seamstresses, and you can tell the amount of care put into each pad. Due to the nature of hand made items, there can sometimes be very slight errors which don’t effect the function of the pad itself.

They are expertly sown with quality materials. Pads fasten via plastic snap clips, the core is made out of bamboo fleece and the top and bottom linings are colourful with fun, bright patterns. I said earlier that they are deceptively absorbent, I say this because they are thinner than the regular pads that I have used in the past! They aren’t as thin as libra’s ultrathin pads though, but I’m completely fine with that.

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SE’s Uber sized pads are thicker than the rest, as they have four layers of bamboo fleece as it’s core. Due to this, SE created a fold out design to make cleaning and drying easier. It does make it a little bit difficult to reinsert the core after cleaning.


Ease of cleaning – 7/10

So here’s the gross part. Reusable pads have to be cleaned. No tossing into the trash to be sent to stagnate in a landfill. But on the bright side, they aren’t reusable nappies so it could be worse!

Don’t take your cat’s litter tray. That’s mean.

Once you get over the ick factor, the pads are fairly easy to clean, it just takes a little while. You need to soak your pads in COLD water with something like oxyclean overnight, top lining facing down. if you have the PUL waterproof lining facing down instead, the blood won’t go anywhere. I use an unused kitty litter tray to soak so they lay flat.

After soaking overnight, I chuck the pads in the washing machine to wash like the rest of my clothes in a warm machine wash and they come out looking brand new most of the time. Unfortunately flat greys and blacks stain really easy for me, but they’re still clean despite the stain.


Overall – 9/10

As the title says, I’ve made the conversion from disposable to reusable pads. Not only do I no longer have to worry about getting rashes or being uncomfortable due to bad pads, it saves me lots of money each month and it’s better for the environment. I can’t recommend Scarlet Eve’s pads enough. If you have sensitive skin please consider making the switch!



Pad Gallery

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